Our Story

My Mission

My mission is to create beautiful, long lasting, quality, sustainable designs. In a world of mass production and over consumption, there is a resonating feeling of quality that comes from the handmade.

By creating beautiful, quality pieces, I am able to help move away from the fast paced, consumer driven, mass production of the modern world. "Be the change you want to see in the world" is definitely a term that inspires me. 

About Me

I'm Sally. I'm a 25 year old full time designer, living and working from the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW.

I've always been obsessed with design, and have spent almost the last decade studying it - I have qualifications and training ranging from leadlighting, glassworking,  jewellery design and woodworking.. ranging to qualifications in ceramics and industrial textile design. I've been following my own creative path through study, developing my skillset and trying to find my favourite design mediums. A few years ago, I studied a Diploma of Ceramic design and fell in love with the world of clay. While I still dabble in other fields of design like jewellery, textile and homewares.. my primary creations now are ceramic and my studio is setup as a working ceramics studio. It truly is my happy place.

The Little Things

I have always felt an internal conflict between my love for creation and design and the overwhelming excess of the modern world. It is due to this, that everything I design is created with love, intention and the highest quality materials. 

It is my desire and intention that every piece I create will find it's way into a home where it is loved and used often.

Another phrase I love it "Buy less, choose well, make it last". The pieces that I create are definitely made with longevity in mind, for this reason.

"Time is the luxury." said Ackermann. "Everything is going too fast. To make something beautiful, you have to take time with it." Everything I create takes time - for example, my palm mug took me weeks to design and months to perfect. I woke up in the middle of the night wondering if it was a millimetre too small.. I would obsess over the tiniest details because I knew that it would make a small difference in people's everyday lives. It's these tiny differences that I think can be so important. 

To Spark Joy

I also aim to design objects that bring people joy. Not just in an aesthetic sense where they enjoy something visually - but texturally, also. For example - the human brain understands texture most when it is presented in contrast. For example, my palm mug intentionally has a rough, unglazed surface where your palm holds it - and a smooth, glazed surface that your fingers reach for. This contrast actually helps our brain release positive chemicals which make us happier.

I love that by simply holding a warm cup of tea and feeling the texture of the mug, you can feel happier. People may not even understand why they feel better after holding this cup, but it's been very intentionally designed in this way. This concept makes me so excited and is something I try to bring into every piece I create - incorporating the concept of 'wellbeing' into the design of 'everyday' objects. 



Sustainability is a concept that is at the forefront of my mind and at the heart of my design practice. It is important to me to fully understand the environmental and health-related implications of the materials and the methods I use. I actively incorporate sustainability into my day to day design process - including using a large percentage of recycled and salvaged materials. My packaging is 100% plastic free, always compostable and I often use alternative materials like popcorn (it's a brilliant packaging alternative!) and shredded recycled paper. 

Introducing a 'made to order' business model also helped improve the sustainability of my studio, empowering my customers to lead the manufacturing process and reducing unwanted waste in the process.

Every piece I make it created with love and intention and designed to be used daily.

I hope they bring you joy.

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