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'Made to order' is a new aspect of my little business. Sustainability has always been a core value and this felt like a natural progression from that. Making made to order means cutting down on unnecessary waste and unwanted products, which not only is better environmentally, but allows me to offer affordable pricing.
I always have a handful of products 'in stock', but if the product you're wanting to buy doesn't have any 'in stock' options, you can simply select 'made to order'. The piece will literally be made for you, by my two hands, then sent to you within two weeks. Generally that is the timeframe but on occasions there may be unexpected delays. 
By empowering my customers to lead the manufacturing process, it really feels like a collaboration in the greatest of ways. It truly is a more environmentally conscious approach and a beautiful one at that. 
The ceramics process is a patient one and cannot be rushed. Every step takes attention to detail - forgetting about a piece for a morning can mean it will crack. It needs constant love and attention at every stage. It can also break at any point of the process.. but there is beauty in that fragility. It encourages patience and care - I lovingly craft and take care with every single piece and take time with every one, to make sure they turn out as beautifully as possible.
Thankyou for your patience with your made to order pieces 
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