Simple Detoxing Charcoal Mask

This mask draws EVERYTHING out of your skin. It will actually make your skin feel oiler after - as it seems to pull the oil deep out of your pores, and it will rise to the surface. Make sure you wash your face 2-3 times a day with warm and then cool water after applying this mask. This helps clean off the oil and keep it from being reabsorbed into your skin.

To create this mask, simply mix

-Activated charcoal powder and

-raw honey

There is no need for exact measurements, simply start with your honey and keep adding charcoal until you’re happy with the consistency.

Apply a small amount with your finger and cover your face with it.

It’s quite messy so make sure to avoid wearing clothing that can stain - I recommend a towel around your shoulder. Also don’t do this in super hot weather or in the bath or the honey will melt off your face hehe!

Sally Flannery