Geneva & Shampoo With A Purpose!


I've tried shampoo bars before guys, however I've never liked how they made my hair feel. They either fell apart in the shower or made my hair feel dry or super frizzy - they generally got one or two tries from my hair before I went back to bottled shampoo and conditioner. However I longer for the day where a great shampoo bar would exist - enter 'Shampoo With A Purpose' - a new shampoo bar by an established soap company who have done everything right. They are also not just 'shampoo' but double as conditioner, so you only need one bar to replace your entire hair routine - it's a minimalist dream guys.

The bars are 'triple milled' which means (I learnt!) that they are much more solid and won't fall apart in the shower. I still keep mine out of the shower because I'm OCD like that haha and like all my bars in separate soap dishes on the edge of the bath, so they stay dry between uses and last as long as possible. These awesome bars last so well though - Tom and I share a bar and it will last at least a month of us both using it. More if one of us doesn't occasionally forget to leave it in the shower! There are also four different types, for different hair types - I started off with the Original bar but then moved to the 'Volume' bar and I think it's a perfect fit for my hair! They sell sample packs too here so you can try each different type and work out which suits your hair type best.

I could rave about these beautiful shampoo bars all day but I'll share some of the lovely founder Geneva's words instead - she was lovely enough to take the time to answer a few questions so we could delve right into the values and story behind these beautiful bars. I loved learning more about what it now our household staple shampoo (and conditioner) bar!


What are your brand values?

Our brand ethos is to make and create affordable plastic-free products that aren't just alternatives but improvements! We value all things natural and environmentally friendly, but above all else we value family.

How/why did you start your business?

Liz, our director was a nurse in 1983, she suffered a broken ankle and couldn't work so she stayed home and made up bags of bath salts - eventually the business rapidly expanded to what we are today. I'm Geneva and I'm Liz's daughter and I joined the company 2 years ago. We are now the oldest family-owned soap manufacturer in Australia! Shampoo With A Purpose is our latest venture and it's surprisingly not a soap. Soap strips the natural oils from your hair, leaving your hair dry and your scalp flaky, so we developed this exciting new shampoo bar using our soap machinery (a first in the industry as shampoo bars are hand poured and pressed). Like our name, we had a purpose with our design - to create a fabulous alternative and improvement on regular hair-care.

When did you start your business, and do you operate full time/part time?

We started Clover Fields in 1983, we have a staff of 12, 8 of which are full time.


How do you incorporate sustainability into your business?

We were the first soap company in Australia to take on the European trend of naked display soap - a fabulous and easy way to cut down on your plastic consumption! Aside from that, we aim for sustainability across the board - we reuse and recycle packaging and we are working towards minimal plastic waste across the board.

How do you package orders?

Our orders are packed in recyclable bags with no plastic or tape. We sell fabulous little $5 sample packs with 10g samples of each bar, that was designed so it could go in a letter in the post which has a very minimal impact compared to sending a parcel - these are also plastic-free!


How do you incorporate sustainability into your own life/day to day?

I am a work in progress, but I've been cutting out all plastic when shopping, I take my keepcup with me almost everywhere and I have found a local butcher that will use my tupperware container. It's the little things that count and I'm by no means perfect but running this business has opened my eyes to the many miraculous little changes you can make in your everyday life. They all add up!

What is your background?

I have had an interesting career - I worked in the music industry for 5 years, I ran my own blog and was a music photographer, that transitioned into venue programming for various Sydney venues like the Enmore, Metro, Factory Theatre and the Comedy Store, I then worked at a talent agency in their music division. My Mum had some ill health so I left and came to work with her and I have enjoyed my work here so much I haven't looked back!

Liz was a nurse for a number of years prior to starting the business, she now has 36 years in the industry under her belt and has amassed incredible skills as a chemist, perfumer and essential-oil-blending. She's my idol in business and has built something really incredible from nothing, that's managed to last through so many difficult conditions over the last 4 decades.

If you're keen to try some of these awesome shampoo bars for yourself (and I reccomend you do!) checkout Shampoo With A Purpose here or follow along on instagram here.

Sally Flannery