Hero Packaging - Compostable Postage Bags


Okay so anyone who has followed me for a while will know that reducing plastic is what I’m all about - especially when it comes to postage! In fact, reccently we did a petition to Aus Post which saw them agree to changing their entire postal structure by October this year - making compostable / eco packaging more accessible. What does this mean?! It will no longer be more expensive to BYO packaging.. meaning.. there are no excuses anymore to packaging in plastic satchels! Especially when such beautiful and environmentally logical options exist like Hero Packaging.


Hero Packaging are who I personally use when shipping parcels in a satchel. I love that they have different coloured bags and use the pink myself because it’s so pretty hehe!

So what are compostable mailers? They’re “plastic” satchels.. but not really! They look, feel and work exactly the same, but instead of being made from petroleum based toxic chemicals and synthetic polymers - they’re made from CORN! So once you’ve sent your parcel and made someone happy, they can pop it in their green waste bin or compost bin/heap in their own backyard and within months it will break back down into beautiful soil without hurting the planet. How magic is that!


What I love about Hero Packaging too is that you can literally order 25 bags, which for most people will last a few years! They’re only $7.50 for a 25 pack too and available in pink, black or white.

I spoke to the lovely owner of Hero Packaging, Anaita, who gave me a run down of why and how she started this beautiful business. I love getting to know the people behind the product, so read on to learn a little more about how it all began and then pop onto their website and grab yourself a pack so you never have to ship in plastic packaging again! xx


What are your brand values?

We have three key values that we stick to every day: transparency, enthusiasm, and perseverance  

Our main aim is to be as transparent as possible. We promise to be transparent, not only with our pricing but with our manufacturing processes and certifications. 

We are enthusiastic about what we are doing! We use enthusiasm as a driver for all our customer relationships and our business practices. This is not a profit driven business, it is a feel-good business and we are excited to grow and develop.

We know that not all businesses have the same eco-goals as us, and that's ok! We will persevere with our goal to educate and encourage businesses to learn more and care more about the positive impact of new packaging solutions. 

How/why did you start your business?

After running other online retail businesses in fashion, we saw first hand the huge amount of packaging waste which occurred both during importation of product from overseas, as well as shipping products to customers. We needed to change this but could not find a viable solution in Australia. So we took action and set out to offer compostable shipping mailers as a start, and make our products as affordable as possible to ensure businesses were encouraged to stop using plastic shipping mailers. 


When did you start your business, and do you operate full time/part time?

Hero Packaging launched in early 2018, and we operate full-time. We're also 100% owned and operated within Australia which is important to us.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your business? 

We only work with suppliers and local businesses who embody the same values as us. Before we source products, we ensure we're working with businesses who are open and honest about their sustainability practices. In addition, when it comes to the daily operation of our business:

  • When we receive shipments of products or materials, we make sure only paper and compostable materials are used for packaging products.

  • We compost our own business waste as much as possible.

  • Non-compostable products are recyclable.

  • We don't print anything except shipping labels!

  • We minimise the usage of water or electricity, and we also ensure our electricity plans include renewable energy sources.

  • We love our coffee, but always use Keep cups.

  • We ban the use of plastic bottles in our office.

  • The waste and recycling bins for our office are very small, which ensures we're always measuring our business waste even as we grow.


How do you package orders? 

When we ship our products, we set out to only use compostable or biodegradable materials. We're still working on a perfect-world solution to all aspects of the shipping process, but we focus on using re-used paper to protect products, compostable shipping mailers, paper labels with water-based adhesive and so on. We have many products in the pipeline which will help even more.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your own life/day to day?

Aside from our business life, we compost at home and avoid the use of unnecessary packaging from things such as groceries, bottles, we don't use cling wrap and we don't use plastic containers. When we buy online, we're heavily swayed by businesses who use eco-friendly packaging, but are also mindful of their actual business practices, where they source their products and so on. With two kids under 5, we're also teaching them about nature, our love of the Earth, and why we must live in a minimal way to protect our future.

What is your background?

We grew up in Australia, but we have an Indian heritage. We've travelled to India very often when growing up to meet family, but our most recent trip with our children taught us something very special. We've always seen India as a country with a lot of poverty and waste, and it always seemed like there was no way out of this. But on our most recent trip in 2018, we were incredibly happy to see the government having strict laws in place for businesses to only use compostable materials, especially coffee cups and straws. When ordering a coffee from McDonald's there was a proud "Compostable Lid" message displayed. It was then we realised third world countries can't just export their waste to the rest of the world and recognise action must be taken now. This is where first-world countries like Australia need to seriously lift their game.

Is there anything in particular otherwise you'd like me to mention?

Our sole mission is to reduce plastic in the shipping process. Every single plastic mailer that is replaced by a compostable satchel is actually preventing a lot of damage on this planet. It has never been about profit. This business makes us feel proud and we are incredibly happy that we can share this with our daughters.

You can checkout their website here :) 

Sally Flannery