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Kasz Apps & Tea For Who

Tea for Who is a beautiful Australian tea business selling loose leaf tea made from the most delightful ingredients. Not only does the business support indigenous Australian communities sourcing unique ingredients, Kasz creates some truely unique blends. I consider myself a bit of a tea lover (and coffee abuser) and these blends are truly unique. 

The Australis Posy and Pink Lemonade's are my favourites - both beautiful cool or warm. The Australis Posy is lovely with a slice of lemon or lime too, iced.. The Pink lemonade is the prettiest of colours and has a beautiful flavor - it's also lovely iced!


I love the sourcing of local ingredients - not only does it celebrate our indigenous flavors, it is more sustainable, reducing transport miles. Kasz takes sustainability in her business to the next level though, using compostable bags to package her tea in and recyclable cardboard boxes. She also uses all recycled cardboard boxes to package her orders for posting.

Kasz blends all of her tea by hand in extra small batches, ensuring beautiful quality and the best blends. I'm so impressed with this lovely tea and it would make the most divine gifts for any tea lover or foodie too!

For a limited time Kasz has been lovely enough to give you guys 15% off your order as well - just use the code SALLY at checkout! :) xo


What are your brand values?

Tea For Who has a pretty direct Ethos, focusing on our respect and inspiration of native Australian culture and our ecological impact. We have created many blends highlighting the use of sustainable and respectfully sourced, native Australian ingredients and being a passageway to share their amazing rich history and culture. Along with this path, we have a keen focus on our ecological impact and how we can create little to no carbon footprint throughout our packaging, product sourcing and in house disposal. 

How/why did you start your business? I grew up in a very hands-on family that believes if you can't find the thing you want, make it yourself, and my 15 yr old self wanted some funky as tea that wasn't filled with flavour or smell enhancers. When I couldn't find this I went on a complete rabbit hole of research to find organic and Australian ingredients suppliers, studied my butt off finding out the medicinal impact all these ingredients had and got experimenting. It was originally a hobby formyself being in high school when I started it all and when one of the girls in my class said her mum wants to try and buy some it sparked my little entrepreneur fire in me. I knew now I could create this brand to be something special, innovative, modern and complex blends that would taste amazing, but be just beneficial for your health. My love for native Australian culture (I grew up learning from elders at my school and have always been in love and respected with our original forefathers) was something I knew I needed to translate through the business too.


When did you start your business, and do you operate full time/part time?
Though I had been experimenting with tea since 2009, I officially did my first market at a little church market in 2012, the year after I finished high school. I opened a store in Prospect SA in 2016 and decided to pack my bags and relocate to Melbourne late 2017, focusing on a predominantly online and wholesale approach for the time being, whilst we work on some projects part-time.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your business? 
Sustainability has been a big focus for Tea For Who being it's something I also practice in my personal life. All our ingredient are sourced from Australia, including small indigenous communities, which helps us filter out a lot of sustainability issues that come with far more lenient international standards of sustainability. We tend to only source from farms that practice biodynamic farming and sustainability control(not overharvesting the crops). All of our packagings is also from Australia, with all cardboard, postconsumer, bags are corn-based cellulose and printing ink is all Vegeink or Soyink. 


How do you package orders? 
 All our packaging is all post-consumer kraft boxes that are able to be completely recycled, the bags our tea come in are a corn-based cellulose bag that is home compostable, all labels and printing is also don with Vegeink or Soyink. All parcels posted are posted in preloved boxes, and looking to research the impact of moving to compostable satchels with Green Wrap to be our main shipping method. 
How do you incorporate sustainability into your own life/day to day? Being a bit of a workaholic and a foodie, I have needed to make both my on-the-go and house stick to my values. I always have my takeaway cup, water bottle and cutlery set and tote bag(with a few mesh produce bags) with me at all times which makes a huge difference for those single-use plastics that use to fill me with so much guilt. Forshopping, I buy all my groceries from the markets with my produce mesh bags and bring a few jars to go to the bulk food store too. I really only step foot in coles to get the handful of items I can't get at the market. We don't use paper towels in the house, we have a bunch of little washable clothes instead and they work a real treat, even formake-up wipes! We are avid recyclers inc the odd soft plastic we might end up with after a late cheat night Ubereats. We choose green sourced electricity with our provider too. I feel like it's all the little things seem trivial (though a lot to list off individually so I won't list it all or we'll be here forever) that are in our day to day life that makes it such an impact as a whole, the biggest thing is it's the little things that count and everyone has a responsibility to help out where they know they can.


What is your background?  I originally have a culinary background and was looking at becoming a chef in fine dining using local and foraged ingredients, this love for food, flavour pairing and nature merged into Tea For Who and has been a great creative outlet whilst creating a brand I really love and respect. Aside from my love of food and tea, I also have an art background, being around many artists in my life, like my mum and grandfather. I've partaken in art exhibitions and do all illustrations for Tea For Who's packaging. I'd like to think that my business and my families work ethic and support has also helped me with my Endometriosis. I struggled for a while with not letting it really get in the way of my everyday life and lost myself for a while, but I've now learnt to not let it define me and show how capable all the women are the suffer from the invisible illness are.
You can checkout Kasz's beautiful handcrafted teas here

Sally Flannery