there is beauty in simplicity..

Like a vintage linen dress or a hand carved wooden spoon, there is a resonating feeling of quality that comes with the handmade. It is a humble beauty, an incarnation of cosiness in all of it's forms. The imperfections, the curiosities - these are the touch of a maker that can never be erased. They are the fingerprints and the memory of the hand forged piece which becomes a part of it's story forever. These memories whisper through the folds of the fabric of your favourite clothing, it is the knife cuts on the handle of a handcarved wooden spoon made from beautiful native Banksia wood.. it's the fingerprints in the clay and the raw edges.. the hand painted glaze and hand rolled clay.. there is beauty in imperfection that I embrace through every step of the process. These quirks tell the story and set the stage for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

hey sunshine

I'm Sally! Thanks for checking out my website - this site is a culmination of years of study, learning, practice, vintage obsession and growth. It's so personal to me and I'm so excited to share it with you.

I'm currently a full time potter working from my humble little home studio in the Northern Rivers. When I'm not covered in clay, I'm usually searching for beautiful vintage treasures, campaigning for the environment or frolicking in the ocean with my two collies. 

It feels so special that I can share this work with you guys after years of journey to get to this point. I hope you find something a little bit magic here that brings you so much joy. You are sunshine  xx

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